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The Aquatic Expo presents CARNIVAL! June 1st – 2nd, 2024 at The Park Expo & Conference Ctr Charlotte, NC

23 January 2024

North Carolina’s Largest Aquatic Festival
The Aquatic Expo in Charlotte is NC’s first large-scale two-day expo which is a joint effort of CAE (Carolina Aquatic Expo), and the Carolina Reefing Community Club.

The Aquatic Expo (TAE) was founded with the goal of showcasing the aquarium hobby to the public. One of the most amazing things about the aquarium hobby is the endless possibilities for every aquarium. There are so many interesting species and pieces of decor that can be used to fill up those glass boxes, and our goal is to bring together as many of those pieces as possible. The Aquatic Expo is designed to showcase livestock that is not normally found in your average pet store. Big box chain stores do not have the facilities to keep a wide variety of livestock, and therefore many people are unaware of the abundance of options that are out there. Our goal is to bring as many of those options to the Expo as we can so that attendees can see, and buy, things that would otherwise be unavailable to them.