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Texas Southmost College presents Embajadores del Mariachi SOL DE MEXICO de Jose Hernandez- April 20th, 2024 at Jacob Brown Auditorium 7PM

22 March 2024

Brownsville’s Premiere Mariachi Festival Has Arrived!
Texas Southmost College is proud to announce our inaugural Mariachi Festival, with the aim of celebrating Mexican culture, promoting community engagement, and fostering the understanding of cultural diversity within our college and surrounding communities.

Our festival will take place on April 19 & 20, 2024 at the historic Texas Southmost College campus and will provide educational opportunities, showcase local talent, promote mariachi education, and create memorable and entertaining experiences for all attendees.

Headlining Performers and Clinicians
Mariachi Sol de México de Jóse Hernández are masters of mariachi music. Internationally recognized musicians, composers and educators, they continue to break boundaries in the world of mariachi.

It is our honor and priveledge to host Mariachi Sol De México de Jóse Hernández as our headlining performers for our community concert and our clinicans to our Mariachi Festival students.