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1 May 2015

Z-Ro released his critically acclaimed Rap-a-Lot debut titled The Life of Joseph W. McVey. The record was a huge success and helped expand Z-Ro’s fan base beyond the South. In 2005, Z-Ro released Let the Truth Be Told, which was well received. Z-Ro’s 2006 album I’m Still Livin’ was released while he was imprisoned for drug possession, to positive reviews. It was called “a great album… powerful” but “relentlessly bleak” by The Village Voice and “one of the best rap albums to come out of Houston” by the Houston Chronicle. In 2010 he released his next album titled Heroin, which was followed by another new album titled Meth in 2011 and then Angel Dust in 2012.

Z-Ro released his first EP under The Mo City Don titled Tripolar on August 25, 2013 via One Deep Ent. Z-Ro then followed up with The Crown in June 2014.


REVOLT Premiere: Dro Fe ’No Borders’

“It’s a statement,” Dro told REVOLT. “We’re going to go on a journey with this music and who knows where it’s going to take us, but what we want to do is make quality music—to have no borders as far as what we do with it; the structure, and sonically. If you’re not familiar with Dro’s catalogue, No Borders serves as a great introduction. He spits with a conviction that says he’s determined to be heard and consequently there’s a passion that seeps through his music.

“There’s a story to him that people got to know,” explained Happy, who serves as more than just a producer to Dro. “There are so many layers to him that I want to world to know. He does have that side of him that can make big records, and we want to slowly introduce to the fan base what he can do.” Texas emcee Dro Fe isn’t wasting anytime with his music as he delivers the highly anticipated mixtape No Borders that includes production from Happy Perez throughout the whole tape.

If your not familiar with Happy Perez then you might want to know he is responsible for creating “End Of The Night” for Ludacris and also won a grammy for the same record. More recently he made Miguel’s smash hit “Sure Thing”. Adding Happy Perez to the mix was a no brainer for Dro Fe and the producer was happy to take him on. Dro Fe holds nothing back on this 9 track project that includes features from Z-Ro, Fat Trel, Johnny Cinco, Tracy T and more. Expect more music from Dro Fe and another project from the duo to drop at a later time.


SAN ANTONIO, TX – COPA ULTRA LOUNGE – 5/01/15 – 4429 Walzem, San Antonio, Texas 78218